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Replacing All Your Teeth

With the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, you can replace all of your missings, damaged, or unhealthy teeth with permanent functional teeth. Our team at Nobel BioCare works with a large range of Oral Surgeons, Dentists, and other dental professionals. We have created a system that will give you back something you have lost, strong teeth that will stay in place and allow you to chew normally, and smile confidently. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept allows you to have teeth that stay in place. They will not rock around on your gums, and they never need to be removed, they are anchored to your jaw bone.

When a patient no longer has their natural teeth, their replacement options are limited, and most retention options have a high failure rate. Standard dentures are often kept in place with denture adhesives that are purchased at a store, or with suction. Both of those retention options are limited, and patients frequently experience embarrassment when they fail.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is not dentures, it is an anchoring system that will stabilize your dentures permanently in your mouth. This system uses four dental implants which are surgically inserted into your jawbone. By providing a connection with your jaw, you are then able to keep your denture device in place. With continuing education options, dentists and surgeons are trained on precise surgical placement, which is key in the success of this process.

Replacing Teeth Historically

A common discovery among people from every country and period has been the need to have functional teeth. Anthropologists have uncovered human remains spanning thousands of years with visible evidence of attempting to replace their teeth. Skeletal remains have been found with inserted materials including shell, wood, rock and metal to serve as replacement teeth. The message is clear, teeth are necessary, and people were willing to go through drastic, and probably painful means to get them. We agree with the sentiment of needing teeth and have worked to find a healthy solution.

How the All-on-4® Treatment Concept works

Following your evaluation, including the preparatory work that needs to be done, and reviewing your medical history, your dental professional will create a treatment plan to surgically secure your denture. Using four titanium metal posts, they will be able to anchor your denture to your jaw. Once fully healed, the connection is strong, that’s because your body is willing to heal around the titanium implant, fusing it to the bone, making the metal post part of your bone. After your body has healed around the post, you will then have permanent replacement teeth that you can eat with knowing that your denture device will stay in place.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept can work for patients who are new to dentures, or for patients who have been wearing dentures for years. Unlike most dental implant procedures, the All-on-4® Treatment Concept does not require a bone graft. That’s because the implants we use are longer and placed at an angle, allowing your doctor to place the implant in thicker, denser bone. Though this sounds extreme, most patients are surprised at how easy the process and recovery was.

Important safety information
Treatment with dental implants is a surgical procedure and requires prior evaluation by your dentist to make sure your dental and general health permits dental implant treatment. Find out more.

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